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5-9 Days      $55 per day

This product is only available until November 1, 2015.

Ski or ride at Solitude for as little as $55 a day with one of our convenient Ticket Paks. There is no need to visit the ticket window after initial purchase and activation; just head straight to the lifts and enjoy! You can add additional days at your original purchase price during the season by visiting shop.skisolitude.com. The value of any unused days will roll right over to your pre-season Pak purchase next year. Ticket Paks are non-transferable. A minimum re-load purchase of three days applies. Cards cannot be reloaded before all days on card have been used.


Only 5 and 10 Day Adult Ticket Paks are available for online purchase. To purchase 6-9 Day Paks or 10+ days please visit or call the Ticket Office at 801-536-5786. Thank you.

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If your card doesn't look
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you can purchase a card
(known as an Axess Card)
for $5.

Please call 801-536-5786,
or visit a Ticket Office location.